Students recognize harm in vaping

Vaping has become an epidemic throughout the young generation and is a very idiotic way to kill your body and lungs. Vaping produces no bodily benefit and children fail to fully comprehend how dangerous it is. 

“I believe that the issue is very rampant. I think that students that would not normally choose to use nicotine or other drugs, are experimenting with it because it has been promoted as a “safe” alternative,” Dean of Students at PHS Brenton Roberts said. “We have already seen our students here at PHS end up in the hospital connected to vaping. My goal is to help students be safe and smart and want to see them lead a healthy, long life and vaping is making it very difficult to achieve that.” 

Although there may only be a select few students at PHS that participate in the use of electronic cigarette devices or vaping devices, there are many students that agree that vaping is detrimental to your body. 

I think vaping is pointless because people don’t think of the bad things that can happen to their bodies,” Freshman Lara Eisendrath said. “I also firmly believe that teens think that to be considered “cool” and that vaping may help them to achieve something regarding social status.”

The utilization of these devices in the hands of minors has been taken way out of hand, farther than anyone could have imagined. When these kids are transmitting this vapor into their lungs, they somehow lose all common sense.

“Vaping is a major problem with teenagers,” Freshman Ava Westerman said. “When kids our age vape, they do not know what incredible harm they do to their lungs that is so hard to recover from.” Kids start to believe that maybe vaping is okay and it’s ”trendy” because everyone else is doing it. They are starting to believe that in order to fit in, you have to compromise health. 

“The most concerning part of this is that students are going to such lengths to hide their usage which shows that there is an addiction problem outside of just being worried about getting in trouble,” Roberts said. 

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