Seven PHS Seniors commit to their Midwest collegiate sport during the fall National Signing Day


Pewaukee High School is an active participant in National Signing day. National Signing Day is a day where seniors sign a binding National Letter of Intent for a collegiate sport with a school that is a member of the United States NCAA. Seven PHS seniors participated in the fall signing on Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019, committing to their collegiate sport. 

Featured athletes signing at the event include: Vivianne Jende for Northern Michigan University Women’s Basketball; Lauren Schill for Marquette University Women’s Soccer; Josh Cottrill for Valparaiso University Baseball; Quinn Berglin for Lawrence University Baseball; Abby Jansen for UW Eau Claire Women’s Track & Field; Noah O’Neal for Olivet Nazarene University Men’s Soccer; and Lauren Moran for UW Stevens Point Women’s Golf. 

“The overall mood I would say was really exciting.” Senior Abby Jansen Said. “This is a fresh, new and exciting start for all of us to continue our athletic and academic careers around the Midwest and so many people came to support and help us share this happy time.” 

Student athletes have the opportunity to invite any family, friends, teammates, coaches and teachers to the event. Administrators, staff members and coaches of the district who may want to celebrate a particular student’s commitment are contacted as well. 

“The event was a fun experience.” Freshman Logan Schill said. “I watched my sister and others sign to their schools. Everyone was smiling, laughing and happy for all the students that were signing. And the students were all excited to sign.”

The event lasts for about 20-30 minutes. First, athletes take their seats at the table and a following welcome and introductory speech is given. Athletes each get one minute to say Thank-You’s, and athletes sign their Letters of Intent while guests take pictures. Additional pictures and a social period finalizes the event. Each athlete has a maximum of five minutes to have pictures taken at the table with family members, friends, coaches, etc., followed by a group picture, while guests enjoy snacks provided by the families. 

PHS Athletic Director Jeff Behrens organizes and facilitates the event. During the event, Behrens gives the introduction speeches, provides important announcements regarding the athletes and facilitates the pictures and celebrations.

“I enjoy the signing days,” Behrens said. “It gives us an opportunity to recognize those student athletes who have made the decision and have the opportunity to go on and play college sports.”

Last year, PHS had seven student athletes sign the entire year. This year, seven students signed in the fall and there will be another three or four sign in February.

“On average, only 1-3% of high school athletes get the opportunity to play sports in college,” Behrens said. “So when we have student athletes who have made the dedication and sacrifices needed to do what it takes to receive an opportunity like that, I think it is very worthwhile for us to recognize their decision and celebrate their opportunity.”

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