Experiencing Wisconsin and Culinary classes explore supper clubs


The Experiencing Wisconsin class is taking leaps and bounds in their journey to experience all that Wisconsin has to offer.

On Friday, November 22nd, the class kicks off the 2 week-long experience called Supper Clubs. They will head to the culinary room for a lesson from PHS culinary teacher, Mr. Demers.

The class will be making traditional Wisconsin dishes to coincide with their learning about the deep-rooted traditions that reside here. Experiencing Wisconsin teacher, Mr. Yuskis, designed this to be a meaningful and fun way for students to connect their learning to a very Wisconsin tradition, food! 

“I was trying to think of something that would be Wisconsin culture, cross-curricular, and you know, fun, we want school to be fun.” says Yuskis “ It allows us to learn about the culture in a little bit more of a fun and engaging way.”

Some of the common foods the class made with Mr. Demers include fish fries, chicken strips, hamburgers, and other comfort foods. That is what Supper Clubs generally serve and it adds to the experience of feeling like you are home. Things like french fries and side salads are common to serve with many entrees. 

Students really seem to love Supper Clubs because it is an engaging and all-around fun activity. One of the beauties of Supper Clubs is that it’s a change in pace from traditional sit-down classes. Freshman Ashlynn Eales is in Mr.Yuskis’ B4 class and is in the process of building her group’s Supper Club right now.

“ I think it shows a sense of community throughout our state,” says Eales. “ It’s kind of cheesy but a Supper Club is a place you can go and have good company and feel good.”

“ I’ve had students come back to me and say that was really fun and tell me about their own Supper Club experience and I think wow I never knew this was such a big deal! ” says Yuskis.

This class takes inspiration from many Supper Clubs around Wisconsin and the surrounding area. One of the more popular Supper Clubs here in the Pewaukee area is the 5 o’clock club. It is located near the lakefront and is a fan favorite especially during the summer.

The class has also started making coasters for their very own supper clubs. They were grouped and tasked with making a creative piece that reflects the values and culture they would institute if they were to run a supper club.

Even Mr.Demers, who has graciously offered his time and resources to the class, has learned something over the years through this activity. “I’m from Northern Wisconsin, and until Mr. Yuskis started sharing this experience with me, I don’t think I appreciated it enough,” said Demers. “ I never realized how much of a cultural thing it is.”

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