Students document quarantine experience


Christine Thoma

Examples of different layouts and formats of how students are personalizing and creating their own “How I Survived the Coronavirus Pandemic” journals.

What we are going through with this pandemic will go down in history. Future students will study and make DBQ’s about this virus. We can tell our children and grandchildren about how we dealt with it and what we did during quarantine.

Planning her new virtual assignments, Christine Thoma started a new ongoing assignment for her students. Called “How I Survived the Coronavirus Pandemic”, students are required to spend at least five minutes on this slideshow two to three times per week. Every new entry discusses a new experience that is happening in her students’ lives. Whether it be about five things they want to do after quarantine, news updates or what their daily routine is, there are many different topics students could journal about.

Thoma’s overall objective for this assignment is for it to be beneficial to the future of her student’s lives. In the future with these finished journals, it is a way for us to bond and tell stories to future people in our lives. Future students can even read these and see what it was like and get a deeper insight of what the world was like during this pandemic, beyond a textbook.

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