Road tests waived for new Wisconsin drivers

The Division of Motor Vehicles in Wisconsin is suspending the previously necessary road test for new drivers due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The decision was effective starting May 11, 2020. Many Wisconites are concerned with this decision.

Teens who have completed the required training to become a driver may receive the privilege of passing up the road test. In order to be eligible, drivers must complete the required amount of driver education classes and complete behind-the-wheel training.

“Due to the requirements of obtaining a license, we are confident this provision will not compromise safety,” Wisconsin DOT Secretary-designee Craig Thompson said in an interview with TMJ4.

Most importantly, the signature of a parent or guardian is the final requirement to make a minor qualified to drive. If said parent or guardian does not feel comfortable with their teenage driving or does not believe they are ready, they have the ability to schedule a road test.

“I think people are misinterpreting this as parents can just sign off. Not true! Same rules still apply!” Staci Lynn, Pewaukee parent, said on Facebook.

On average, 98 percent of drivers under the age of 18 pass their driver’s test on their first or second attempt which suggests the roads will not be as different as people fear.

Currently, this is a pilot program that is expected to continue into the proposed future. It holds the potential to become a permanent fixture one day.

“It may be a decision to [do this] permanently, but that will be based upon the data collection,” Thompson said.

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