Elementary schools move to Phase Two

On Sept. 1, 2020, the Pewaukee School District opened its doors for the first time since March 15. After holding administrative meetings throughout the summer to determine how the district would handle the pandemic, the school district decided that they would organize multiple phases and move to each phase accordingly.

The week of September 21, 2020, grades 5k through 6th grade transitioned from the first phase to the second phase. The first phase consists of three virtual days out of the week, and in-person learning the other two. However, in Phase Two students are virtual on Wednesdays, and in-person the other four days. Fourth grade teacher, Elizabeth Edwards, gave her opinion on this transition.

“I think, for you know, because we’ve been taking all these precautions we were all ready to feel as normal as we possibly can: seeing friends and learning,” Edwards said.

The new schedule allows elementary students to collaborate with one another and gain a sense of normalcy during the school week. Connecting with peers throughout those formative years is essential to the best quality of learning, so although safety is the first priority, Edwards and her students were glad to return to a relatively normal school environment.

With the progression in the elementary schools, students at staff at the middle and high school are hopeful they will be able to return to a semi-normal week soon as well. Paul Bursi, the Associate Principal at Pewaukee High School, spoke on the likelihood of the high school moving to Phrase Two.

“This is unpredictable given the ever-changing public and school district COVID-19 infection data,” Bursi said. “I can tell you that teachers love seeing students in the building, but we will only bring students back in a safe, responsible manner when the data suggest it is appropriate.”

With case numbers rising in the school district and Waukesha County, it’s unlikely there will be any changes in the near future for middle and high school students.

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