COVID cancels 2 volleyball games in already shortened season

On Monday, September 14th, at about 5:30 PM and just minutes before their warmups, the girls varsity volleyball team prepared themselves for their first game–only to have it cancelled, followed by a mandatory, immediate quarantine. All of this was due to a positive test of the dreaded Coronavirus.

“It was really disappointing,” senior Julia Beck said. “Some of us had posters for senior night, which was Tuesday.”

This was Pewaukee’s first athletic team to be quarantined, and most likely not the last.

Even in quarantine, the girls volleyball team was preparing for the heavily shortened season ahead.

“It’s sad to have 2 games cancelled within the same week and then be quarantined for 2 weeks,” fellow senior Hailey Boelter-Eberhardt said. “Our coach was able to give us workouts to do while in quarantine by ourselves, to keep us in shape.”

This is their first week out of quarantine, and their first practice back was this past Saturday. Playoffs are now less than 3 weeks away, but it’s possible the girls could be quarantined yet again, a possibility that all players are doing their best to avoid.

“Most of us are doing virtual [learning], so we don’t get contact traced and get more of our season taken away,” senior Claudia Biebel said. The girls varsity volleyball team has the largest proportion of seniors than any other team, making this year their last chance to qualify for the state championship.

As the Pewaukee High School Athletic Director Jeff Behrens said, “It is our objective that teams are able to play but do so safely.”

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