A la carte on hold due to COVID precautions

On Sept. 1, 2020, Pewaukee High School made the decision to reopen, allowing students to attend school under strict regulations. The majority of the student body was eager to start attending school once again, although many were frustrated to find that the a la carte option in the cafeteria wasn’t offered in order to meet COVID-19 guidelines.

“My parents put money in every year so that I can get a la carte, and spend it for extra food at lunch,” Sophomore Lydia Laporte said. “If people are paying for it, it should be available.”

Obviously the Coronavirus pandemic is a central issue in schools; however, students question if the removal of a la carte is necessary.

“There were concerns about the a la carte being not delivered by the staff and therefore not safely controlled when delivered to students,” Principal Brian Sniff said.

Although it is hard to say when, there is hope for the return of a la carte in the near future. “As the chances of exposure decrease, the sooner we will get back to doing things like we used to,” Food Service Director Kevin Dresdow said.

The staff is worried about students handling items at a la carte. Yet, knowing it was well received by students, ideas of how to bring it back in a safe manner have been considered. “One idea would be, we hand it to them from behind plexiglass and students scan their I.D.’s at the bar scanners,” Dresdow said.

The a la carte option is clearly missed by many, but it doesn’t have to be something of the past anymore. Administration encourages students to do their part at school, so that a la carte can return.

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