PHS Drama strikes again with another hit

PHSs production of Clue Stay-at-Home is available to stream on Thursday, Nov. 19, Friday, Nov. 20, and Saturday, Nov. 21.

Cole Hicks

PHS’s production of Clue Stay-at-Home is available to stream on Thursday, Nov. 19, Friday, Nov. 20, and Saturday, Nov. 21.

Clue, the classic game that we all know and love to play, was made in 1943. This launched a plethora of spin offs including more games, books, a television series, a musical, play, and the cult classic film from 1985 starring Tim Curry.

Earlier this year, in a time of major uncertainty for the theatre community, writer Sandy Rustin adapted the movie’s script to be performed fully virtual. With the same cast of colorful characters and dark humor, the show is hugely popular in the high school setting.

Director Robin Dennis and Technical Director James Sevens bring this show to Pewaukee High School this weekend, Nov. 19-21.

With the addition of the Narrator, all action that would normally be performed on stage is now translated to Zoom. Each actor is separated in their own room around the high school to comply with social distancing guidelines. With everyone logged onto a recorded virtual meeting, the show can be viewed in the comfort of your own home.

The show is led fearlessly by Senior Meg Bierce. Bierce’s strong noir character choices and entertaining narration begins the journey that is Clue. The story begins at a remote mansion, where six guests assemble for an unusual dinner party. The well known characters come to life in this virtual experience.

Senior Anja Riemer transforms into the stunning Miss Scarlet, while Mrs. White is beautifully played by Junior Izzy Fowler. Freshman Jack Babler’s roaring performance as Mr. Green stands out among others. Even from a remote location, Senior Keegan Rice was remarkable as the officious Colonel Mustard. Junior Heather Sunderlage ages perfectly into the role of Mrs. Peacock, creating a strong unity between herself and the character. Freshman Casey Westphal steals the show as the buoyant and animated Mr. Plum.

Senior Mia Boylard and Senior Will Nysse move the story along as the housekeeping staff. Nysse’s mystifying portrayal of the head butler, Wadsworth, is enjoyable and humorous. Boylard made it easy to forget that she was alone in her own room due to her thick french accent and strong acting choices made throughout. Senior Casey Sherman, Senior Jackson Sharpee, and Sophomore Jenna Leveille round out the cast by filling in the various ensemble roles.

To bring the show to life, Costume Manager Sam Biely, senior, dresses the cast in similar costumes to the movie and board game. Senior Trinh Vo, stage manager, and Senior Cole Hicks, properties manager, convert average PHS classrooms to resemble the 1950’s style rooms in the mansion.

The real stars of the show are behind the scenes crew members working the sound, running props from room to room, and making the live stream happen. Junior Aden Weier, Senior Jessie McNulty, Freshman Sophia Glenn, and Sevens deserve credit for all the work and hours put in to make the show possible.

With all of the uncertainty this year holds, it’s exciting to see the PHS Drama Department up and running once again.

What: Clue: Stay-At-Home Version
When: November 19, 20, 21
Where: Online
How: Tickets available on

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