Corinne Loth

A collection of personal playlists, made as early as 2017, all of which hold nostalgic significance. Playlists were made based off of differing criteria such as mood, time of year, whose car they are played in, etc.

Listen to an old playlist today. Don’t be afraid to reminisce–your middle school soundtrack once motivated you, made you cry, declared itself an anthem, an ode to your experiences. You can see for one second how you looked at yourself then, and just maybe how you look at yourself now. It will be different, I promise you that much. Listen to a song, an album that you remember as aligning with one period of good times, fine times, bad times. What are your playlists like now? What time are you in? Mine used to consist of an alarming amount of Taylor Swift, the Mamma Mia soundtrack, Queen, One Direction, and Hall & Oates; all of which are still classics. Now I segregate by mood, separating my life into tupperwares of emotion. One is chill and relaxed, one’s guaranteed to make me cry, another is hype music for when I need to remind myself that I am independent and incredible, one is strictly for fall, another for singing in the car alone. All of them are me. While I may not indulge in quite as much of the “Red” album, it’s nice to know that’s what I needed then, so I know what I need now.

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