Mountain Top Coffee: a top Pewaukee spot


Paige Foster

Caramel White Chocolate Yumminess

Adventure is in the air at Mountain Top Coffee. Located next to a karate shop, this building is a modernized version of industrial, with honey-comb decorations adorning one wall, a fireplace with a mosaic of spilling coffee, cement floors and black furniture paired with white walls. Colors are abundant in modern art pieces hanging around the place, there are even a few created by local artists! There are a plethora of plants throughout, bringing the outside (where they have a beautiful deck with fairy lights) in.

Walking in, I was immediately greeted by an incredibly sweet barista. Quiet chitchat fills the air, as does modern pop music — I expected the music to be more eclectic, seeing as the rest of the store was, and so was a disappointed in their radio choice. If you’re looking for a cool hang-out spot, I would highly recommend this establishment. In the back they have a section of games that are open to the public.

The owner recommended that I try a caramel white mocha drink and sweet potato grilled cheese. The price was a little ‘steep’, but at a total of around $15, it didn’t seem too terrible (for lunch and a frappe). My coffee was sweet — it tasted like ice cream (granted it was a blended — so it basically was ice cream). The grilled cheese was fantastic!! It had a great combination of flavors — sweet and savory — and amazing texture. The sweet potatoes were surprisingly great in a grilled cheese, and the bread was crisped to perfection. The red onion added a salty-sweet flavor to the mix, and they mystery sauce was to die for. They supplied chips with the sandwich, and they were flaky and crunchy but soaked in oil.

Mountain Top Coffee has a great atmosphere and great food. The only thing that could make it better would be a change in the chip recipe, there was way too much oil that got caught in the chips, and music. . . otherwise it was a nice place! My rating? 4 / 5 stars.

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