Artisan 179 brings big city feel to small city dining


Alex Thieneman

Artisan 179 is an upscale favorite in downtown Pewaukee.

A small, dine-in lunch and dinner restaurant sits facing Pewaukee Lake, giving you a perfect view of the calm water, and the pretty rose red sunsets that slowly fades away, right behind the horizon.

Inside, it is decorated with New York style artwork, paint/paintings, and architecture, due to the co-ownership that it is currently in. Ted Anderson is a co-owner of this unique restaurant with Carrie Boehm, and Katrina Harland. Anderson lived in New York for many years, and is very accustomed to their style of restaurants and food. After moving here, and creating this restaurant, he took that knowledge from his previous home, and brought it to Pewauke, where finding New York style restaurants is fairly difficult.

Musicians from across the city and state come to Artisan 179 to play music for its guests, and be of entertainment for people while awaiting their food. Guitarists, pianists, singers, and multi-musically talented people can be found playing in the dining area. The music is typically of high quality, but is played at a volume where it can be difficult to hear the conversations you are having sometimes. But, calming, eccentric, and enjoyable music is played which gives the restaurant the more New York style feel that it is trying to achieve. Their goal in providing customers with live music is to please them, but to also give resident musicians an opportunity to play for larger groups of people. Although they don’t specialize in any specific style of music, the music that is played portrays these feelings among the customers.

When I first went there, I ordered the Gnocchi Primavera pasta dish off of the dinner menu. I was fairly hungry when I went here, so I was expecting a larger dish than what I received. It was a small portion of this dish, but it was absolutely delicious. The pasta wasn’t overcooked, and wasn’t too salty–which is a common theme that I find when I go to most Italian restaurants. All of the flavors that were incorporated into the dish were all able to be tasted, specifically the pesto cream sauce, which was a delicious combination of herbs, cheese, and spices that gave the dish that extra level of flavor. Although the portion was very small, the quality of the ingredients and the food took that away, leaving an impeccable dish that I would recommend to anyone.

Recently–because of the pandemic–they have added more outdoor seating so they can attract the customers who don’t feel comfortable sitting inside the restaurant, and allow for a better view of the lake. New high quality fireplaces have been set up, so people can sit outside and enjoy their meal, without being blessed by the cold, icy winds that Wisconsin can receive during late Fall, and all throughout Winter. Along with this, large heaters have been set up, so it can provide an extra level of heat to the outdoor customers. This ensures that they are still receiving business, even as the months grow colder and shorter. Being able to get a perfect view of the lake for a little bit longer is a definite advantage from these additions.

Artisan 179 is a high quality restaurant, and one that I would recommend to anyone traveling through or settling down in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Although it may be more on the expensive side, the quality of food and service that can be found there, definitely makes up for it. My experiences with this restaurant were excellent, and I would give it a four out of five star rating.

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