The Crown Season 4 portrays and accurate, informative dive into the royal family


On Sunday, Nov. 15, season four of The Crown was released, and viewers quickly took to social media as they cheered on new character additions to the show. The Crown is a Netflix-original that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II, and the struggles the royal family has faced since her reign. Season four brought in new characters including, the late Princess Diana and the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, two very accomplished people, which may be why this season was so popular amongst viewers.

The show dives deeper into the divide between the British government and the crown, showing Thatcher as indisposed to the Queen and her family. Thatcher’s political career plays a big part in this season when the show expands on the increasing poverty and protests inside England. The Crown also shows a side of Princess Diana many have never seen. The Royal Family’s politics are distinctly illustrated throughout the show and display the causes leading up to the marriage between Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

The Crown illustrates the deep history of the royal family to the audience. It smoothly blends in actual news footage with show content to allow for the viewer to gain perspective. As a viewer and history geek, I thought the acting was extremely accurate, and the depth each episode went into was incredible. Every episode I watched left me googling and fact-checking and finding nothing.

The two additions to the cast were Gillian Anderson and Emma Corrin. Anderson played Thatcher perfectly, from her accent to her mannerisms at times, I couldn’t tell it was Anderson at all. And Corrin compels the audience to feel empathetic towards her situation and shows a side of Diana that was isolated, neglected and unloved. I would highly recommend watching The Crown to get a better understanding of the royal family’s history and problems.

(Some trigger warnings beforehand, the show contains eating disorders.)

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