Cozy comfort awaits at Brewers Two Cafe

A small, family, and locally owned cafe is situated in downtown Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Outdoor seating--such as what is pictured here--is found along side the building, offering a nice view of Pewaukee Lake, that is found right across from this location.

Alexandria Thieneman

A small, family, and locally owned cafe is situated in downtown Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Outdoor seating–such as what is pictured here–is found along side the building, offering a nice view of Pewaukee Lake, that is found right across from this location.

A small coffee shop and cafe is located right on Pewaukee Lake, giving the customers a nice view of the water, where–if you catch on the right day–can be very calm, and visually appealing. It is owned by twin sisters, Ellen and Eileen Grabo, who strive to make the small restaurant feel like it is all of their customers own.

When you first walk inside, you are overwhelmed with the sweet, yet bitter smell of the freshly brewed coffee that is made all throughout the day. It immediately calms you, and makes you feel as though you are welcomed into their restaurant, and you get this nice feeling of home that many coffee shops and restaurants can’t provide you with. The walls are covered in images of nature that are taken by Joe Grabo–Ellen’s son. Pictures of buffalo’s, prairie dogs, and gorgeous landscapes cover every inch of the wall, and even rotates on the television that they have placed on one of the wall corners. The owners have taken floral and nature type iron wall art as well and put it up to further give it that comforting, far away feel.

The art and the images on the wall are nothing compared to the food that they provide their customers with. Everytime that I go there for breakfast with my family, I get a bacon, egg, and cheese tortilla wrap, which has a lot of flavor and is delicious. Although it sounds like it wouldn’t have a lot of flavor, it actually does and is very appealing and delicious to eat in the morning. There isn’t any pepper put into the eggs to make sure that it still pleases customers, especially if there are people who don’t prefer pepper in their eggs. All flavors that the egg, bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese adds to the deliciousness of it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants something simple, and small to eat. Along with this, there is a plethora of bakery items that they make from family recipes, and fresh every morning. Their cinnamon rolls to their multiple flavored muffins, everything is moist and is full of sweet, and sometimes savory flavor which makes anyone desire them.

This year, the world has been hit with the coronavirus pandemic and has caused restaurants to implement certain rules when it comes to their customers and workers health safety. This coffee shop has taken the situation very seriously. When you walk inside the front door–which is on the side of the building–there is immediately multiple rope barriers on the left side, to funnel people in, and make sure that they aren’t standing within the dining area. Along with this, there are stickers on the ground every six feet that say, Stand here or Stay 6 feet away. This ensures that people are keeping a proper distance from each other while inside, and that no one is getting dangerously close to the person behind, or in front of them.

Masks are also a necessary item to have on, to ensure that no germs are being passed among people, specifically no spit droplets or any bacteria that might come from blowing or picking your nose. All of these precautions that they have taken thus far, have ensured maximum safety among their customers, and makes everyone feel welcome and safe to be in there. Although people might not believe that these things are necessary, it is essential that we do take these precautions, that way small businesses such as this, are able to stay open and running smoothly and properly.

Brewers Two Cafe is a nice, comforting coffee shop that anyone traveling through Pewaukee or just wanting a nice breakfast and coffee in the morning, should go to. I have gone to this cafe with my grandmother, parents, and entire family, and have had nothing but the best experiences every single time I have gone. With all of this in mind, I would give it a five out of five star rating.

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