Virtual fans and limited lotteries now support sports teams


Nick Staleos

PHS sports now have limited attendance, but can be streamed online.

This school year, students across America won’t be able to chant until they lose their voices and dress up for theme nights with their friends. Schools are adapting to the situation and finding alternatives to get the sports events we all know and love out there for everyone stuck at home.

PHS administration worked together to design a system called the senior lottery where 18 students are chosen at random that can attend the game. Those 18 students are then allowed to bring along a friend in which both parties agree to special terms and rules to avoid a potential outbreak of Covid-19.

Senior Morgan Goodman attended one of the games as part of the lottery.

“We had to wear a mask while staying socially distanced,” Goodman said. “But that didn’t stop us from cheering on the boys. We are so proud of them and everything they accomplished.”

The school has also developed a live streaming system to get athletic events out to the students and parents who wish to watch. PHS administration worked hard over the summer to improve internet connections and camera equipment while figuring out how to even start a livestream. Teams have been streaming events through the PHS district YouTube channel and other digital platforms.

“It’s just a different atmosphere because when you’re playing in front of your fans and classmates you feed off their energy,” Football Player Tommy Rouse said.

Surrounding high schools are following the trend of live streaming. Mainly streaming their events through Facebook live or

“Basketball Season is right around the corner and our team is very excited to get the year underway,” Ashton Janowski, starting guard of the PHS varsity basketball team said. “Even though our classmates can’t watch us from the bleachers this year, they can still watch the streams on Youtube and that would mean the world to us. The more support we have, the better and it really goes a long way.”

Where to watch PHS Winter Sports online:
Boys and Girls Basketball – Pewaukee School District YouTube page
Boys Swim – Sparky Northstar Facebook Page
Girls Hockey – Dependent on game location
Boys Hockey – LiveBarn
Wrestling – Dependent on meet host

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