OPINION–Why girls LAX is harder than boys LAX

In my opinion, girls lacrosse is harder to play than boys lacrosse because girls lacrosse requires more skill and precision, as well as speed and agility.

Take this into consideration, in boys lacrosse, they have the ability to check other players and cover the ball with their lacrosse sticks. For reference, boys lacrosse sticks have a deeper pocket, which is where the ball falls when a player has a ball. Grounders are an instance when the ball falls out of a stick, usually by checking, which is where one player can hit the other player’s stick with the ball in it to make the ball fall on the ground. Players will try to scoop the ball off the ground and into their sticks at the same time.

For boys, they can cover the ball almost like a shield from other players, and use the back of the stick to roll the ball into their stick. When you go to get a grounder in girls lacrosse, we have shallow pockets and cannot cover the ball or use the back of our stick to roll the ball into our sticks. This means that girls use precision to get grounders rather than relying on our sticks to cover the ball. Both boys and girls lacrosse requires you to fend off the other players, most girls lacrosse players box out other players and scoop the ball up quickly.

Girls and boys lacrosse require different equipment. Boys wear pads and helmets and girls have goggles and a mouth guard. In girls lacrosse rules, you cannot check a person’s stick if it is within a ring around the girls head. When going to pick up a grounder, girls must scoop fast, and secure the ball in our sticks before taking off running.

In defense, girls need to use footwork to stay in front of the girl that we are guarding. Boys lacrosse has many more options to check sticks than the girls game allows. This said, checking in girls lacrosse needs to be used with precision to make sure that your check is effective and not gaining a foul. I am not saying that boys lacrosse is not difficult, I am simply stating an opinion that girls lacrosse requires a greater skill set than boys lacrosse. Boys lacrosse is difficult in the sense that you need to keep control of the ball while getting checked. Girls lacrosse is a subtle, physical game. In girls lacrosse you can slightly body check as long as the referee does not notice. That said, if you can be sneaky, you can get away with a lot of things.

In 8th grade, I played lacrosse with a club team and there was this one team where the games would get super physical, which is where my basketball experience came in. There was a lot of checking, and as a person with a lot of rebounds in basketball, I know how to block someone from getting a ball. I raced across and boxed the girl out essentially when she pushed me forward. The referee didn’t call the foul but I knew that it was about to go down. The next time that I am guarding her, I body checked her just enough to throw her off, but not enough to get caught.

In short, girls lacrosse is more difficult than boys lacrosse because you require a larger skill set, agility and precision, and sneakier body checking.


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