Review: Loaf and Jug a quaint lunch spot

Walking up to Loaf and Jug, you wouldn’t think it was an adorable restaurant. Heck, if not for the sign advertising sandwiches, you wouldn’t know it was a restaurant at all. This establishment on the end of a strip mall by Pet Smart and Buffalo Wild Wings looks dark and run down.

Surprisingly, once you go inside, the cute restaurant welcomes you with light wood floors and wicker seating. The atmosphere is light and happy, with chitchat filling the air and little old ladies talking about their hobbies.

You can expect to spend about $15 on a meal. They have soda, sandwiches, soup, homemade baked goods, and, of course, PIE!

The pie is to die for, with the flakiest crust I have ever encountered and multiple delicious options: French Cherry, French Silk, Pumpkin, Kentucky Derby, Macaroon Apple, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Key lime. . . The list goes on.

This establishment is only open for lunch (from 11 to 3), but is incredibly popular, with groups and couples trickling in during all of their their hours.

I tried the seasoned chicken sandwich (#9) – and was overwhelmed with the delectable flavors of their homemade ranch and what was basically a chicken BLT with melted cheese, sans mayonnaise. The ‘seasoned’ chicken lacked seasoning — I was expecting more of a punch — but it paired very nicely with the flavorful bacon.

The homemade ranch was fantastic, creamy with perfect amounts of dill and seasoning. It was the kind of ranch that practically begs to be poured on fries. I might buy a whole bottle of it next time I make my way to Loaf and Jug.

Calling all pie enthusiasts! Loaf and Jug has a wide variety of pies from rhubarb custard to cranberry walnut. I tried the cherry pie and can you say flaky crust? This crust must have been absolutely loaded with butter because it flaked perfectly off of the pie. It was probably the best crust I’ve ever tasted. The filling was delicious with a tart and sweet flavor, but it had a weird, creamy yet chewy texture. You really had to run your tongue over it in order to taste anything. Much more to my taste was their Kentucky Derby pie (chocolate and pecan) because I am a fanatic for all things chocolate, and its gooey texture was mouthwatering.

I sat down with the owner of Loaf and Jug, and boy, was I in for a treat. Gordy Sloan is a rambunctious and motivated person. He reminds me of the ‘fun grandpa’, with his personality making Loaf and Jug a place filled with life and good conversation.

“In 1999 my wife and I were looking for an investment,” Sloan said. “I’ve been in the restaurant business for my whole life and when we saw an ad in the newspaper for Loaf and Jug, we followed up on the ad, met and talked with owners and struck a deal.”

According to Sloan, the name Loaf and Jug was derived from a poem that the original owner, Mr. Ciepman, adored. When asked for his thoughts of the name, Sloan said. “I’m fine with it, it’s unique and different.” Loaf and Jug has been open since 1977, changing location a few times in its success in the restaurant industry.

As good as the food is, Loaf and Jug is only open from 11 to 3 daily, which is unfortunate for those who want to eat out for dinner. “We actually tried being open at dinner but we discovered it wasn’t a niche for us,” Sloan said. “Our clientele associated us with only being a lunch restaurant.”

Limited hours or not, if you’re looking for a cute place to go for lunch or a place to buy your thanksgiving pie, Loaf and Jug is here for you to enjoy.

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