Choir considers potential outdoor performance for the spring


Tanya Siderits

PHS Varsity Choir performs “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the 2019 Queen themed Pops Concert. It was the final Pops Concert before COVID.

For Pewaukee High School choir students and the community, the descent into spring means the annual Pops Concert is quickly approaching. Yet with a lack of musical concerts thus far in the 2020-2021 school year, the status of this beloved performance has been called into question by students, parents, and administrators alike.

“At this point in time in the ideal world what I would like to do is provide an outdoor performance,” Choir Director Tasha Igielski said. “There are less stipulations in terms of air clearing time–if you’re performing outside you only have to wait five minutes. Also it’s a safer environment for singing and I think there’s a higher likelihood of being able to have more people attend,” Igielski said.

However, any live concert raises concerns for fully virtual choir students’ attendance. “If they felt comfortable coming in for a couple of rehearsals and just for the live performance, I am completely fine with that. I’d offer it for sure,” Igielski said.

“As a fully virtual student I would be willing to attend and perform in a virtual or live pops concert, with masks and social distancing of course,” Senior Caitlin Ziolkowski said. As assured by administrators, all school events follow the COVID rules also enforced at school, thus ensuring participants and audience members are staying safe.

The potential infringement of sound quality is another argument broached. “I wonder how singing outside with masks and social distancing would sound different than a recording of students inside with masks and social distancing,” Ziolkowski said. Igielski agreed, stating, “I’d be tempted to make recordings regardless….as a vocalist, outside isn’t the best venue.”

Yet all can agree that any form of a performance would be incredible given the year’s circumstances. “I think the best part about choir is the sense of community that comes when you sing with others in front of an audience and we’d still be able to get that outside,” Freshman Hanna Cutler said. “I’d be very happy to perform that way.”

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