Global Business gears up for case study competition

Whether you’ve had a coach, boss, hands-on teacher, or someone in between, you’ve experienced what it feels like to be managed. The Pewaukee Business Insight along with Janesville’s Elevate, a program similar to Insight, will be collaborating in mixed teams to compete in a case study competition to analyze the impact of managers.

Case studies usually deal with real-world problems. A set of documents will be given at the competition that are heavily connected to the topic of discussion. Students at the event will need to analyze and draw conclusions about the issue. The Global Business students regularly do case studies; however, they’re not shared out in competition format like this.

“Usually, the Insight students have done case studies amongst themselves, ”Global Business Insight teacher Shawn Upton said. “But when they did case studies, their ideas would remain within, and it felt like something was missing when their ideas weren’t being shared.”

The Janesville and Pewaukee groups are going to be introduced to something very new to them, as this competition will mark a first for the Business Insight. Hopefully if both schools enjoy it, more of these competitions will be held in the future.

“This case study competition is going to be extremely interesting to see, mainly because these two programs haven’t had any prior connection to each other.” Upton said. “When these schools meet each other, they’ll have to use their communication skills, on top of their taught business skills.”

The Pewaukee Insight programs have grown exponentially in recent years in terms of their experiences and activities. The Global Business strand’s case study competition is an example of this growth.

The event will be taking place next week Friday, February 12th at the Insight office.

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