OPINION: Backpacks should be here to stay


Lydia LaPorte

Sophomore Lydia LaPorte weighs her backpack for a data table on how much students backpacks weigh because of the no locker rule.

Currently, PHS has allowed us to carry our backpacks around the school during the day to minimize contact at our lockers and maintain distance. The big question is whether the school will keep backpacks in coming years. I think that backpacks should be in it for the long haul.

With the five-minute passing time between classes, having backpacks makes the most sense. During these five minutes, students are expected to go to the bathroom if need be, gather our things and make it to class on time. In most situations, five minutes is not enough time to do all of these things if we need to go to our lockers. With the backpacks, however, students don’t have to rush and can take care of all of our business before class begins, which is better for our learning.

Another reason that backpacks should stay is that students sometimes have freetime during class after completing any work that needs to be done for the class. Once they have finished, they can reach into their backpacks and take out any supply from any other class to get a jump start on whatever homework assignment they have.

It’s understandable the school has a safety concern for the students when it comes to backpacks. Many students carry well over 10 pounds of school supplies on a daily basis. They have textbooks and binders, and all of that could very easily weigh on a person’s back.

While backpacks can cause issues with students’ backs because of the weighty textbooks and the various supplies needed for each class, another reason why backpacks were not allowed in classes was because there was no need to take precaution due to COVID-19. At lockers, students do not have the ability to be 6 feet apart, which would cause exposure issues. Another issue would have been that it is easy to sneak things into the school such as vape pens, which can be detrimental to students health.

In conclusion, backpacks are very helpful during the school day and we should keep them from class to class because they allow for better utilization of those 5 minutes and are beneficial for completing homework with excess time.

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