Student creates Instagram page to connect seniors


Corinne Loth

The Instagram page for the class of 2021 run by PHS graduate Collin Dalsanto. Students and their plans are posted each day.

Despite all of the trials and losses for Pewaukee High School’s class of 2021, one constant remains: a sense of community. Senior Collin Dalsanto sought to provide seniors with an outlet to share their future college and career path plans by creating an Instagram page.

“After graduating early, I had so much free time and became extremely sad that I would no longer see the people I’ve seen day in and day out for the past 13 years of my life,” Dalsanto said. “Nobody asked me to create this page, but I knew that it would be a way for our class of 2021 to stay connected.”

Each post contains a picture of the senior’s choice, the institution they will be attending, and their intended major.

“I actually was super excited to have my plans posted because I have told a lot of teachers and my friends but I still didn’t make my plans super public so it was a great way for me to do that,” senior Katy Pfeiffer said.

The Instagram page has overall been appreciated by all users of the app, students and parents alike, as that information isn’t shared even in the PHS yearbook.

“Seeing faces of these kids all grown up and moving into the world has been touching to say the least,” senior parent Bridget Koch said.

All involved agree that this should become a tradition extending to all senior classes to come.

“I think upcoming grades should continue because it’s a way not only for people to get recognition but it’s also a way to help people find others who they can connect with,” Pfeiffer said. “That’s rare.”

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