Join girls lacrosse to improve athleticism overall

Join girls lacrosse to improve athleticism overall

For the first time in school history, a girls lacrosse team is feasible. With expressed interest in the sport last year, due to COVID they were not able to have an exhibition team. Trying again this year, it looks like it might happen. Lacrosse is an easy sport to play and learn, and is great for conditioning for other main sports. 

Most everyone will not know how to play, but the people trying to organize it will teach anyone how to play! If you know anything about boys lacrosse, they have lots of equipment; however, girls only need a mouthguard, the correct goggles, a stick and cleats. Lacrosse is also a crossover sport with elements from other sports such as basketball, softball, soccer and hockey. 

Played during March and through May, the season is short and sweet. Playing outside gives you a chance for fresh air when sitting inside all day as the days grow warmer. With this being the first year for a girls lacrosse team, it is not officially a school sport so the fee to play will be about $250 to cover referee fees and other equipment needed, but the more girls that sign up, the lower the fee will be. 

From my personal experience, I came in with absolutely no idea how the sport was played or what the rules were and was able to get it from just a few games and some good coaching. I play two other sports and lacrosse was good for helping with agility, speed and footwork to help me to excel in the other sports that I play in other seasons. 

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