Phase Three brings a bittersweet ending to virtual learning

Wednesday, Feb. 10, was Pewaukee High School’s last virtual Wednesday, concluding Phase Two. As we move into Phase Three, many complaints from the student body have arisen, in addition to the burning question: is this the best choice for PHS?

Many students aren’t thrilled with the idea of in-person school everyday; however, as strange as it may seem, going to school five days a week was the norm not too long ago. Although the switch may be hard to make, life at school may start to feel normal once again after the transition.

“On the plus side, going back five days means that we’re slowly transitioning back to how school was before COVID,” sophomore Lydia Laporte said.

Regular life is something that all students, and even people in general are desperate to regain. Although there are few students who feel strongly about their love for school, returning back to a normal in-person schedule is a stepping stone to returning back to regular life.

“I love virtual Wednesday’s as it gives me a break during the week. It gives you a day to sleep in, and just focus on yourself and nobody around you,” Laporte said.

Even though the return to regular life is collectively desired, virtual school has become the new normal. Many students and faculty will agree that virtual Wednesdays were very convenient, and will be greatly missed.

In Laporte’s words, “The ending of virtual Wednesday’s is bittersweet.”

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