AP testing at PHS

Image of the AP testing schedule. Ranging from early in the morning to later in the day, it is a packed schedule.

This week marks another round of College-board’s Advanced Placement testing. Test distribution this year will be different from in years past. For many Juniors this will be their first AP test and due to the virtual format of last year, many Seniors’ first tests too.

“I haven’t taken an AP test in person since Sophomore year,” Senior Caitlin Ziolkowski said. “Last year, compared to my first year, taking an AP test was extremely easy, but it’s going to be hard adjusting back.”

Students aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure of the upcoming testing; many teachers have been heavily reviewing content to ensure that nothing unfamiliar is on the test.

“This is the most preparation I have done with students compared to previous years.” AP Calculus AB teacher Katrina Tollenaar, said. “ I have offered some weekend review sessions to help students be more intentional about preparing for the AP Exam. While I would have liked a couple more class days to review for the AP Exam, I think 3 class periods and 2 weekends for students to be able to review is sufficient,” Tollenaar said.

“I would agree that this year we had more students in the other AP classes sign up for the AP test because students could cancel their test and still get a refund,” PHS Guidance Counselor Amanda Sorkness said. “More students have decided to drop their AP Exam this year then previous years.”

All AP classes at Pewaukee High School have their tests in the first three weeks of May, and scores will be available in July.

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