GSA Day of Silence


The Day of Silence is a day to show support and solidarity toward LGBTQ students who have been harassed or bullied. This could be done by wearing a sticker showing that you were in support or in silence in honor of those students.

This national event takes place one day out of the year, which is chosen by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network). This year at Pewaukee High School, the Day of Silence took place on Friday, April 23.

Students were encouraged to take part in staying silent or showing support, symbolizing that as a community we support and recognize the struggles of LBGTQ youth in schools. Many people were pleased to see that other students they never would have expected to take part in this, were showing their support.

“We sold around 150 ribbons, and I’d say at least 100 people took in-support stickers. A good amount of people also took a vow of silence,” Senior Meg Bierce said.

The Day of Silence is a nationally recognized event that other schools do take part in. According to GLSEN, “In the last several years, over 10,000 participants have registered their participation with GLSEN each year. These participants attend middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.” However, some individuals believe that in order to raise awareness, there still needs to be more schools involved.

“Not nearly enough schools actually participate,” Senior Sam Biely said.

Biely believes that the students that participated and showed their support did benefit from it, because it allowed for those whose voices have been taken from them to support and help others feel validated in their identities.

“I truly hope the student body can become even more supportive after I graduate,” Biely said.

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