To shop online or to not shop online; that is the question

Anja Riemer is a freshman at Pewaukee High School.

Anja Riemer is a freshman at Pewaukee High School.

Anja Riemer, Staff/Distribution

Just imagine it: you burst through the mall doors, the smell of new clothing, shoes, and the food court hit you as well as the clash of different songs playing ahead in the thousands of stores. You and your friend go in all your favorite stores and buy a bunch of stuff. Once you have both tired out from all the shopping, you head to the food court to grab a smoothie and a bite to eat. It was so much fun and it’s a time you won’t forget.        

Toys-R-Us, Boston Store, Claire’s, Sears all have been forced out of business due to the skyrocketing popularity of online shopping. Studies show that 79% of people shop online but after surveying students from Pewaukee High School, 88.9% said they shop in store instead of online. This shows that if we were to get rid of all physical stores, it would leave many people unhappy.

I don’t blame the students for not wanting to shop online because there are so many reasons why shopping online is a highway to disaster. You can be sent the wrong thing, it could not be the right size, the product could be different than advertised and so much more. I personally think online shopping is a terrible way to go. This is because if you shop online, you are paying more because you have to pay for shipping and you can’t physically try it on so you don’t know if it will look good or if it will fit.

Students agree: 77.8% of PHS students surveyed said they wouldn’t want all stores to eventually go online only. Along with students hoping stores don’t all go online, 55.6% of students think that stores won’t all become online-only stores, 22.2% said they didn’t know if they all would or not and 22.2% of students said they did think that they would all go to online only stores soon.

Even if all stores were to go from in store to online, people wouldn’t be happy. For example, 88.9% of students surveyed said they go shopping in store rather than shopping online. Therefore, why would we take away something that everyone likes? We shouldn’t be taking away from the excitement of walking through the mall and having fun shopping. We should be able to shop in store, not just online.