The kindness wall increases optimism in Pewaukee High School


Izzy Yuskis, News and Feature Editor

In a world where 14.8 million of adults suffer from depression and 50 percent of adults and teens from anxiety, someone is finally combating the negative forces impacting our society. Nestled in the corner off the cafeteria and underneath the staircase, a colorful wall shines a beacon of light and life into the dark high school hallways.

Lexi Westenberg, a PHS senior, with the support of Leadership Club and a few friends, is making a difference one post it note at a time. The description on a poster in the middle of the project explains that students are encouraged to pass on positivity throughout the school by taking a post-it with an uplifting quote and giving it to someone else.

“I just want people to smile and be a little bit more encouraged,” said Westenberg.

Although it seem small, even one random act of kindness a day can make a world of a difference in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety within our school. One small positive attribution can lead to a domino effect and improve the day of countless other individuals.

“A goal I have for Pewaukee students, I guess, is for them to continue on with projects like this and not live life passively but live with a passion so that they can inspire themselves and others,” said Westenberg.