Top songs for your summer

Riley Gwilliam, Photographer/Staff

The Way Things Change – Yellow Days

Britain’s 19-year old-George van den Broek’s dream rock project Yellow Days has begun to recently engross the alternative music scene. van den Broek offers an altered reality in The Way Things Change, with fanciful, optimistic lyrics, ensured to uplift the summer spirit through his beautiful usage of mellow bass guitar and electronic influences to assist in dog day survival. Although distracted at times, it’s van den Broek’s deviating vocals that inject a free spirited optimism into the veins of all who crosses the path of this work.

Star Treatment – Arctic Monkeys

Cult-followed rock band Arctic Monkeys released their long-anticipated album titled “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” on May 11th. Star Treatment is the opening track off of this record, weaving mysterious jazz into 60’s Beatnik influences. Strange, thought provoking lyrics leave listeners with blissful curiosity. This bizarre track is ideal for a lonesome mind wandering a summer night, and is ensured to bring out the inner David Bowie hidden in us all. It is best paired with a blue velour dress and combat boots.

Freaking Out The Neighborhood – Mac DeMarco

Montreal’s garage pop solo artist Mac DeMarco released Freaking Out The Neighborhood as a preface to his 2012 album 2, leading up to his future successes that brought him up the latter of the indie music scene. DeMarco inspires a vagabond-esque vibration through this single, with ripping guitar hooks and harmonious emotion that purify the human psyche with each listen. Mac DeMarco continuously stuns his audience with his work and stands as the embodiment of this generation’s desired aesthetic.

Hunnybee – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Ruban Nielson’s modern psychedelic group Unknown Mortal Orchestra risked the reputation of their typical sound upon the release of their 2018 single, Hunnybee, which offers a ghostly take on escapist rock. Hunnybee requires a few listens to allow the intricacy of Nielson’s whimsical vocals to seep into your skin; however, the appreciation that follows will radiate the most positive sentiments to exhilarate the soul and spark spontaneity in time for the year’s most adventurous season.

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