Is college worth the cost?

Gina Paszkiewicz

Today, the life of a high school student is primarily getting ready to go to college. Then after college, the student is in thousands of dollars in debt.  This begs the question: is college really worth the price? I believe college is worth the price because it benefits an individual economically, allows for much more personal growth and teaches young people how to critically think.

The thing that many students and parents think when considering college is money. The amount of money college costs compared to the amount of money a graduate is expected to earn is carefully assessed when thinking about higher education. College graduates earn, on average, $20,000 more than high school graduates. It is also a fact that college graduates are less likely to be unemployed. The benefits of college are often limited to dollars and cents, but in reality, there is so much more to be gained from college than things of monetary value.

There is more to life than money; believe it or not. When most people think of the benefits of a college education, they only think about money. However, a large part of college is personal growth. College helps students discover who they are and what they want to do. Attending a higher institution can possibly lead to a better and happier emotional life and that simply cannot be ignored when weighing the benefits of a college education.

However, not everyone is a fan of college or thinks it is worth it. “College just doesn’t seem worth all the money. My coworker has a college degree and is thousands of dollars in debt…yet we are working in the same place,” Junior Jamie DaRonco said. However, another student, Alex Clementi, agrees with me stating that “the price of higher education is very costly compared to starting salaries, however it all depends on your career, and I do think that the price of higher education is worth the risk.”

Overall, the value of a college education is still debated; however, the individual growth that comes with a college education undeniable. College prepares individuals to be high functioning, progressive members of society, which have value beyond any price.


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