Students rock at rock for relay


At 6:30 p.m. on Friday, May 16, the students of music club, Pewaukee Live, came together for the concert event, Rock for Relay, renamed “Pewaukee Live,” an amalgamation of all different styles and genres of live music.

With performances ranging from Senior Chris Johnston rapping to guitar solos to Junior Nik Denzien, to soulful, original ballads from Senior Sophia Rahman, the concert proved to be a success.

While no longer in collaboration with Relay for Life, the club still found a way to donate to  a good cause. Although admission was free, all humble profits will be donated to the Superhero Stomp, funding Pewaukee families afflicted with childhood cancer.

Another new aspect of this year’s concert was the responsibility of planning and organization. Senior and four-year Pewaukee Live member Jacob Filippelli said on the months of planning coming to fruition, “It was the first year the concert was completely student-run, so I think it was a really big success.”

After each performer had their chance to play their songs, all the performers came back together for the encore to jam together to requests the audience had submitted during intermission.

PHS Senior Lizzy Strange said, “It’s like the musician’s way of kicking cancer’s butt. Pewaukee Live used music to bring the community together for a free night of entertainment and celebration of Pewaukee’s talent.”

Mr. Sevens, technical director, even made his debut performance, not only rapping a song, but coming back to perform during the encore.

Overall, the night not only proved a lively showcase for local performers, but also a night of free fun and community for the audience.

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