Mr. VanHulle becomes PSD’s Director of Learning and Leadership

Mr. VanHulle has been the principal at Pewaukee High School for the past 21 years.

Mr. VanHulle has been the principal at Pewaukee High School for the past 21 years.

Alison Zigler, Managing Editor

Pewaukee High School Principal Mr. VanHulle will move to the district office next school year to become the district’s Director of Learning and Leadership to further advance leadership development in the district by working directly with teachers and the new principals.

VanHulle has been working at Pewaukee High School for almost 32 years and has been the principal for 21 of those years.

“I have lots of really good moments. I love being in the classroom. I have lots of those kids who were seventh graders that are parents. I look at the Goodmans [family in Pewaukee]. Their mom and dad were in my first classes,” VanHulle said.

In his new role as director of learning and leadership, VanHulle will strive to advance the district’s personalized learning emphasis and the instructional practice in classrooms as well as helping the incoming principals at the middle and high school.

“[The role includes] working with the instructional coaches so I’ll be in classrooms working with teachers, improving their craft, and then mentoring the building principals and the APs around the district. It’s something that I like to do and I feel like I’m fairly good at. So, it’ll be fun,” VanHulle said.

While VanHulle is excited for the transition, he admits he has mixed emotions.

“I’m sad about leaving the high school because I’ve been here for almost 32 years now. I love the people, I love the kids, but I feel it’s time to do something a little bit different. It’s good timing with Kat [VanHulle’s youngest child] graduating here, my last child going through the system. So, I’m excited for something different because this is year 21 as building principal. I don’t feel like there’s many new things thrown my way so this will be a brand new challenge.”

Overall, it’s clear that VanHulle’s memories and experiences from the high school will carry over nicely into his new role.

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