Pewaukee High School welcomes new principal Mr. Sniff


Mr. Sniff will begin as PHS Principal in July 2018.

Alison Zigler, Managing Editor

In this Q & A session, Mr. Sniff shares some of his thoughts in coming to Pewaukee High School.

Q: Are you excited to be taking on this new position?

A: Absolutely!


Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: I have been thoroughly impressed with the supportive community and staff in Pewaukee in my limited time there through interviewing as a candidate and participating in the hiring process of new staff for the 2018-2019.  PHS is innovative, forward thinking and holds a high standard which fit my professional strengths quite well. I have also had the pleasure of meeting a few students through the strategic planning meetings and interviews, and have been incredibly impressed with them as well.


Q: Why did you want to take this position?

A: I have followed Pewaukee School District in professional circles as they continue to innovate and have been implementing similar practices in my current high school, so there was a lot of alignment in my experiences and PHS’s direction.  It was a natural fit from the very beginning.


Q: What impact do you hope to have on Pewaukee High School in the upcoming years? What do you want to change? What do you want to stay the same?

A: My hope would be to continue to expand the capacity of PHS to meet more student’s individual needs.  As for what needs to change or stay the same, that is not something I can answer yet. It will require a collaborative approach with staff, students and the community to assess what needs there are and how to best respond to them to continue to improve an already great school.  My apologies for what may seem like a “political” answer, but it really is something more organic than just a new person with a new initiative.


Q: What values (leadership, community, school, sports, etc) are most important to you?

A: It is important to me that we are building productive and positively contributing members of society.  School should be about more than factoring quadratics and the appropriate use of semi-colons. Students in today’s day and age need to contribute, create, compete, connect, commit and care.  That challenges us to think more critically as a school system about how to engage students in their learning process.


Q: How are you planning on connecting to the school community?

A: I think the best way is to be a member of the community.  My family and I have already purchased a home and will move to town in June.  My children Caleb (11) and Corinne (8) will be starting school there in the fall.  You will also find that I am present at many events beyond school such as drama productions, athletic and co-curricular competitions, dances, fundraisers, etc.


Q: How do you plan on helping students directly?

A: While working with the teaching staff is where I can have the broadest impact on the school, working with the students is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of my profession.  Building relationships with kids and being there when they need you the most or those moments when they are really shining is a tremendous responsibility for any principal. You will find that I try to be present throughout the building (to the extent possible) and as accessible to students as I can.


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