Sophomores solidify summer plans

Keagan Henderson , Staff/Fact checker

With summer creeping around the corner after a long grey winter we interviewed six Pewaukee Sophomores to tell us their plans and goals for this 2018 summer. This may give you a couple ideas of things to do or pointers on where the hotspots are for the summer.

Pewaukee Sophomore, Jack Theyerl


Q: Where are you going this summer?

A: “So far I’m going to New York in June for a week. Then probably Alaska and Seattle. I really want to go to Seattle for longer than last summer because the North West is beautiful. Otherwise I’ll be chilling around the beach and on the lake.”







Pewaukee Sophomore, Caden Riffle

Q: What’s your goal this summer, with a thing or two that you’d put on your bucket list?
A: “When I get my license in June, I plan on never being at home. I’ll more likely be hanging out with fun people doing fun things and not keeping in contact with my parents. Maybe I’ll even travel out of state because I haven’t done that in a while. I also have been looking forward to Summerfest, because I didn’t go last year so I would definitely say that’s on my summer bucket list.”








Pewaukee Sophomore, Aiden Thekan


Q: What are opportunities does this 2018 summer offer?

A: “I’ve known for years that this summer would be the best. This is because all of us can drive now, like my friends. Before like freshman year it was all ‘I don’t have a ride’ and ‘we need to find a ride’ but now we have so many more opportunities offered to us because we can travel and do things like go to the Dells and go to car meets and go to other towns like Okauchee to go on the lake.”






Pewaukee Sophomore, Alex Lee


Q: What do you think is the worst thing about summer?

A:“Honestly the only thing I could even think of is a bad sleep schedule or something related to not having a schedule to follow. School offers a start time which specifies a time to wake up and an end time where after you could be going to a sport which could tire you out before you go home, get a couple things done, eat, and go to bed. I have to have a couple off days during the summer where I just recover and rejuvenate myself.”








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