PHS Homecoming Pep Rally a Success

Kolton Osterman, Writer and Design Editor

The first pep rally of the school year emceed by students Senior Jack Marks and Senior Andrew Clement was on Friday September 28, 2018.

After a successful pep rally, seniors Andrew Clement and Jack Marks thanked Pewaukee high school for allowing them to represent the student body.

Different seniors are picked for each pep rally to represent the school; the chances of being picked are low so seniors take full advantage of the opportunity.

Pep assemblies are a tradition at Pewaukee high school where students from all grades come together to celebrate the homecoming dance, football game and parade. Students get to celebrate all week by having dress up days and fun sporting events. This year Pewaukee’s homecoming theme was Disney.

This year, some of the main activities were introducing all of the fall sports teams, all of the clubs that have started this year, as well as some fun games like Disney trivia and tug-o-war. There was an epic battle between Senior Michael McCoy and Sophomore CJ Sherman during Disney trivia. The rules of the game were if they knew the answer to the Disney question, they would run up to the microphone and say the answer. McCoy and Sherman were racing neck and neck at every single question — it was truly a sight to see. There was some fun dancing going on as the boys soccer and football teams competed in a dance competition with the varsity poms team. The most intriguing event during the pep rally was announcing this year’s homecoming court. Homecoming court is filled with senior students who participate in any fall sports or clubs. All week students voted on who they wanted to be their King and Queen. After a week of suspense the student body found that their king and queen were Senior Abel Savage and Senior Emma Keziah.

All in all, Pewaukee had another successful pep rally and all the students showed their pirate pride in the very electric gym.

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