Q&A With Mr. Stangler

He is known as “the man behind the action” — an official many Pewaukee High School students don’t acknowledge. 

But in reality, according to those who know the duties of John Stangler, he is the leading figure over construction and safety at Pewaukee. 

“Mr. Stangler is the Director of Buildings and Grounds, which is a really important job, and his input is critical to ensure we are successful with our construction projects.” Superintendent Mike Cady said.

Stangler performs weekly walkthroughs of all of the construction to ensure district standards are being met. Construction is currently implementing systems to further secure the campus. 

“One thing isn’t the end-all save all.” Stangler said. “It’s really having a comprehensive system with numerous, you know, numerous items that are going to make school safe and secure.”

Miranda Kozlik
John Stangler writes his name on the new floor of the Horizon Gym. He always puts safety first when working on a construction site.

The school will be enhancing their entry vestibules, where visitors and officials entering the school must check in the main office before they’re allowed into the building. Crowd control boards will be added to the entrances of the school. The organization and sectioning of the Pewaukee School District buildings will support lockdowns and building shutdowns, where people can better maneuver around the campus. Additional emergency buttons, lighting, and cameras will also be implemented to ensure full security. 

Stangler currently serves as president of the Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association, and he has participated in a great deal of training on school safety. The position allows him to be in the forefront of all cutting edge technology, processes, and policies that are built for safety and security. He also is provided with the ability to speak on behalf of Wisconsin to news platforms, sharing implementations schools can add to prevent issues such as threats. 

“That position has helped me grow in my current position as the school safety coordinator for the school district, so I’m able to provide the latest and greatest for all things safety and security.” Stangler said. 

Stangler will continue to work with the school construction to further support the district. 

“We’re all about continuous improvement.” Stangler said. “We’re all about making ourselves better. We’re all about the educational process, we want the educational process to go very smoothly, where all this other stuff is just operating behind the scenes.”

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