Q&A with the School Resource Officer

What are your responsibilities as a Student Resource Officer?


The idea of this position is having somebody on campus that’s armed that can ensure that all the schools are safe because they have all four schools. It’s a positive interaction versus [how] law enforcement is usually seen as negative. I still do police work up here. With vaping we have bait tickets and stuff that I do have to issue. Sometimes I help with monitoring students in the cafeteria. But it’s really building those relationships with kids and being here if the kids need. 


What do you enjoy most about being a Student Resource Officer?


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I just like the positive, kind of laid-back atmosphere here. I made great friends here with staff”

— Officer Buddenhagen

. If we’re having a bad day here at the high school, I can go over to the elementary school; those kids are always smiling and happy, it’s a good balance here. 


Can you walk us through what an average day as a Student Resource Officer would look like?


I might come [having a] meeting at eight o’clock, and then in between making reports, I’ll be walking around. But it never happens like that; I’ll get some calls from parents, or a student will come in because something happened over the weekend or the night before and they want to talk about that. So every day is really different.


How do you interact with students that have a negative view of law enforcement?


It’s really hard to kind of turn kids perspectives around. I think me being here at the school and being approachable is huge; me talking in classrooms is huge, so people can get to know me and realize I’m not here just to ruin people’s days.


In the case of an active threat, what would be your response?


If we have an active threat, my main goal is to stop that threat. So, depending on where it is like I’m going directly there, I will radio for my fellow officers so they know where I am or where I’m going and what I’m dealing with. But my main job is to go directly where that threat is and stop the threat.

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