Lock down Drills vs Fire Drills

                                       Lockdown drills vs. Fire drills




Why should we have more lockdown drills than fire drills?  We should have more frequent lockdown drills than we have fire drills because there is higher chance of an in-school threat than there is a fire and PHS has been practicing fire drills every month ever since its inception, yet  we only do lockdown drills once a year and with the number of school shootings, increasing having more frequent lockdown drills will make our school safer and calmer in a situation like a school emergency 


According to State law “Once each month, without previous warning, the person having direct charge of any public or private school shall drill all pupils in the proper method of departure from the building in case of a fire” (Wisconsin Legislation.)


A school lockdown is not a mandated law, but schools should have lockdown drills annually to practice safety habits;
|in this day in age according to CNN, “In 46 weeks this year, there have been 45 school shootings. That’s nearly an average of one school shooting a week.” In addition, there were 24 school shooting deaths in 2018. Statistics show frequency and fatality numbers of school shootings are increasing by the month.


I agree that we should have lockdown drills more frequently like 2-3 months to practice safety.”

— Tyler Novak

” Freshman Tyler Novak said.



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