PHS Puts and End to Winter Ball

Why did the school take away this seasonal extravaganza? How do students feel about this change?

Jungle theme, and out of this world the year before… But this year there is no winter ball? Many students were wondering why the staff of PHS decided to get rid of winter ball. “The lack of participating students that went to the winter ball is why we got rid of it. Last year we only had about 75 students go, and the administrators decided it was not worth it,” Athletic Director Jeff Behrens said. 

The winter ball was a tradition at PHS that was held after the first semester ended. Winter ball always had a different theme where all the students attending dressed up. The Senior class at PHS picked the different themes for the year. This year, the class of 2019 will be holding a winter ball dance for their class to have “one last dance” as a grade together. 

“If winter ball was a thing this year, I would’ve gone to it for sure. I thought to dress up as different themes were really cool and fun to do with friends,” Freshman Sophia Brussow said. Although the winter ball was a fun experience for students and their friends that went, the lack of students attending was not worth keeping the dance going according to administration. “I was never really interested in going to winter ball- I heard that it wasn’t that fun but some of my upperclassmen friends went last year and liked it,” Freshman Hadleigh Wright said. The majority of students at PHS didn’t attend winter ball and stayed home instead. 

To conclude, Pewaukee High School no longer has a winter ball dance, but there still is a pep rally for the students to attend, and the Senior class of 2019’ will be throwing there last dance for the grade together. Lack of students attending the dance seemed like a waste of money to staff, and the majority of students didn’t attend last year, or many years before despite the themes.

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