PHS Drills and Practices

In order to keep our school a safe and fun place to learn, there are many drills that we practice to ensure that all students at Pewaukee High School are safe. The drills are practiced every once in a while and some we practice more than others. For instance, we do fire drills monthly and tornado drills once a semester. Even though these scenarios may never happen it is still very important to know if we ever came across a situation like this and it’s important for us to be safe. 

“I think that the evacuation drill is super important especially with all of the shootings that have been happening lately.” Wiedl said. “We should start focusing a lot more on this drill and if we were to be in a situation like this we would need to find a good place to evacuate to.”

A drill that we recently stopped doing is the lockdown drill. The reason we stopped doing this drill is that the administration felt like it was useless and unrealistic. Many people thought that if there were someone dangerous in our building they wouldn’t be convinced that a room was empty and with all of the school shootings that have been happening in our nation lately a lockdown wouldn’t be enough to keep the students safe. We have been taught that if we were in a situation like this to try to evacuate the building before we hide. This makes a lot more sense than hiding in a room because we would be far away from the armed person. Our school hasn’t done a lockdown for a couple of years due to this concern. 

“We have gotten a lot of feedback that we should be doing more drills to reach our goal for student safety.” PHS Assistant Principal, Mr. Bursi said. “Do I think there should be more drills, yes we should be having more drills.”

All of these drills are all really important and put in place to protect the students. Without these drills, it would be really difficult and confusing and we wouldn’t know what to do when the time comes if we were in one of these situations.

Nina Donovan
Pictured is a map of the school, hung on the wall of every classroom. The sheet shows where the exits and evacuation routes are located in case of emergency. 
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