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Children of Blood and Bone written by Tomi Adeyemi and cover art by Rich Deas

Let’s chat about books: The Children of Blood and Bone

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor February 24, 2021

It’s Black History Month and an important part of celebrating is to give recognition to some of the black authors today who have created outstanding pieces of literature. One example is Tomi Adeyemi’s...

The Prom's star-studded cast doesn't disappoint

The Prom’s star-studded cast doesn’t disappoint

Jake Koch, Design Editor February 12, 2021

This year, Ryan Murphy signed on to direct a film adaptation of the smash hit musical. On December 4th, the movie hit Netflix and became number 1 on their trending list. The story starts with four washed...

Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo

Driver’s License: The drama

Hailee Vargo, Video Production Editor February 10, 2021

If you’re someone who has TikTok, Twitter, or really any social media at all, you have most likely heard of “drivers license” and the drama that soon followed the release of the hit. With 100 million...

Harry Styles Falling Music Video

Review: Harry Styles’s Falling Music Video

Hailee Vargo, Video Production Editor January 27, 2021

The world is filled with all different kinds of music, and with great music comes great music videos. These can feature different cultures, artistic elements, unique fashions, along with self expression....

Let’s chat about books: Educated

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor January 25, 2021

Realizing a lot of my book reviews here are fiction, I wanted to challenge myself and do a non-fiction read for all the memoir lovers out there. So this week I’m writing about Educated. Educated is...

Let’s chat about books: The Cousins

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor January 25, 2021

Over winter break I was given a fair amount of books being the avid reader I am. One addition to my collection includes The Cousins by Karen M. McManus. The Cousins is a mystery thriller surrounding the...

Cover for the Polar Express film.

Polar Express: a Christmas classic

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor January 25, 2021

As mentioned in my previous writing on How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express is a movie I watch annually in the holiday season. Growing up we often watched Christmas movies with my grandparents,...

Review: Loaf and Jug a quaint lunch spot

Paige Foster, Magazine Editor January 25, 2021

Walking up to Loaf and Jug, you wouldn’t think it was an adorable restaurant. Heck, if not for the sign advertising sandwiches, you wouldn’t know it was a restaurant at all. This establishment on the...

Movie Poster for How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s green grump of a character is still iconic

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor January 25, 2021

Many people have movies they watch religiously when the holiday season comes around. Such examples can be A Christmas Story, Polar Express, or even Arthur Christmas. But one movie I think deserves to be...

OPINION–Time to stop shaming and start celebrating

Jake Koch, Design Editor January 25, 2021

Everyday, people of all backgrounds and demographics deal with the struggle of body image. We are flooded with suggestive headlines and forms of entertainment spreading false truths. When society is forced...

OPINION–Consumer’s guide to cancel culture

Aiden Loya, Writer January 25, 2021

It has been speculated that the idea of cancel culture exists as a way to hold celebrities accountable for their problematic actions by method of boycott or silence. Cancelling is a term iconically coined...

The cover of I Will Always Write Back depicts the two continents that these pen-pals lived on when the unbreakable bond between them was created.

I Will Always Write Back: The Book that Will Melt Your Heart

ALEX THIENEMAN, Writer January 14, 2021

Love, generosity, curiousness, anger, and empathy. It grabs your attention from the first sentence, and doesn’t let it go until after you have devoured the last sentence. This is the greatest book that...

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