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Cozy comfort awaits at Brewers Two Cafe

A small, family, and locally owned cafe is situated in downtown Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Outdoor seating--such as what is pictured here--is found along side the building, offering a nice view of Pewaukee Lake, that is found right across from this location.
December 3, 2020

A small coffee shop and cafe is located right on Pewaukee Lake, giving the customers a nice view of the water, where--if you catch on the right day--can be very calm, and visually appealing. It is owned...

The Crown Season 4 portrays and accurate, informative dive into the royal family

The Crown Season 4 portrays and accurate, informative dive into the royal family
December 3, 2020

On Sunday, Nov. 15, season four of The Crown was released, and viewers quickly took to social media as they cheered on new character additions to the show. The Crown is a Netflix-original that follows...

Dear Evan Hansen novel reveals more about title character

Cover of New York Times Bestselling novel Dear Evan Hansen. Original cover design by Sasha Illingworth.
November 23, 2020

Back in March when I had a lot more free time on my hands, I had made a “To Be Read List” for all the books in my collection I hadn’t read yet. One of the books on my list was Dear Evan Hansen by...

Artisan 179 brings big city feel to small city dining

Artisan 179 is an upscale favorite in downtown Pewaukee.
November 23, 2020

A small, dine-in lunch and dinner restaurant sits facing Pewaukee Lake, giving you a perfect view of the calm water, and the pretty rose red sunsets that slowly fades away, right behind the horizon. Inside,...

Mountain Top Coffee: a top Pewaukee spot

Caramel White Chocolate Yumminess
November 19, 2020

Adventure is in the air at Mountain Top Coffee. Located next to a karate shop, this building is a modernized version of industrial, with honey-comb decorations adorning one wall, a fireplace with a mosaic...


A collection of personal playlists, made as early as 2017, all of which hold nostalgic significance. Playlists were made based off of differing criteria such as mood, time of year, whose car they are played in, etc.
November 19, 2020

Listen to an old playlist today. Don’t be afraid to reminisce--your middle school soundtrack once motivated you, made you cry, declared itself an anthem, an ode to your experiences. You can see for one...

Relaxing songs for after school

Fine Line - Harry Styles
November 19, 2020

We all have had one of those days where we get done with our jobs, school, or just a long day in general, and we sit back and try to unwind but we just can’t. This creates stress, discomfort, moodiness,...

PHS Drama strikes again with another hit

PHS's production of Clue Stay-at-Home is available to stream on Thursday, Nov. 19, Friday, Nov. 20, and Saturday, Nov. 21.
November 19, 2020

Clue, the classic game that we all know and love to play, was made in 1943. This launched a plethora of spin offs including more games, books, a television series, a musical, play, and the cult classic...

Top songs for your summer

June 1, 2018

The Way Things Change - Yellow Days Britain’s 19-year old-George van den Broek’s dream rock project Yellow Days has begun to recently engross the alternative music scene. van den Broek offers an...

Quiz: What animal are you?

June 1, 2018

Total the points for the answer you select. What is your favorite color? Red/Black - 10 Blue - 20 Purple - 30 Green - 40 What is your favorite dessert item? Brownie - 10 ...

Four movies that will make your summer day

May 29, 2018

Ocean’s 8 - Gary Ross According to Rotten Tomatoes, 99 percent of 1,277 Rotten Tomatoes users want to see Ocean’s 8. The story follows these eight women for five years, eight months and twelve...

Top 5 Artists to See At Summerfest

May 24, 2018

Summerfest is one of the hottest music festivals to attend in Wisconsin, with opening day annually being the last Wednesday of June and continuing for 11 days. This music festival was titled the “largest...

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