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GSA Day of Silence

GSA Day of Silence

Sammi Cousland, Writer May 13, 2021

The Day of Silence is a day to show support and solidarity toward LGBTQ students who have been harassed or bullied. This could be done by wearing a sticker showing that you were in support or in silence...

Image of the AP testing schedule. Ranging from early in the morning to later in the day, it is a packed schedule.

AP testing at PHS

Aiden Loya, Writer May 13, 2021

This week marks another round of College-board's Advanced Placement testing. Test distribution this year will be different from in years past. For many Juniors this will be their first AP test and due...

Profile Pictures get changed for PHS students

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor April 26, 2021

Over the weekend of April the 10th, students of PHS noticed a change regarding their Google Accounts. All of the profile pictures were changed from images of the student’s choice to their school picture...

Phase Three brings a bittersweet ending to virtual learning

Sammi Cousland, Writer March 15, 2021

Wednesday, Feb. 10, was Pewaukee High School’s last virtual Wednesday, concluding Phase Two. As we move into Phase Three, many complaints from the student body have arisen, in addition to the burning...

PHS cross country skiing welcomes Wisconsin winter

Sammi Cousland, Writer March 15, 2021

While many Wisconsinites grumble about the volume of winter snow this year, reporter Sammi Cousland finds some PHS students are thankful for the extra flurries.

Many new drivers are hitting the roads this year, without having passed or even taken the traditional road test.

16 year old’s don’t need driver’s tests

Emery Bigler, Writer March 15, 2021

For decades, getting your driver’s license was a rite of passage for teens. It was seen as one of the first big milestones in a teenager’s life. But with social distancing in effect, Wisconsin and...

New teacher feature: Mrs. Megan Weihert

Alex Thieneman, Writer March 5, 2021

Writer Alex Thieneman sits down with new special education teacher, Megan Weihert to get to know her better in this featured interview.

Behind the scenes with Drama Club’s Songs for a New World

Cole Hicks, Designer February 22, 2021

Reporter Emery Bigler goes behind the scenes for Pewaukee High School's upcoming production of Songs for a New World. (Written and produced by Cole Hicks.)

What President Biden has done thus far

What President Biden has done thus far

Cole Hicks, Designer February 12, 2021

Roughly three weeks after President Biden took office, many are wondering how he is following through on his word, especially with his very ambitious campaign policies. In order to accurately judge the...

Staying safe for spring break travel

Abbie Thomas, Designer February 12, 2021

Spring break is the time of year that most students, even some parents, look forward to all school year. After months of hard work at school and the winter slump that most students experience, spring break...

PHS student backpack weigh in

PHS student backpack weigh in

Sammi Cousland, Writer February 12, 2021

PHS students weighed in their backpacks to show the average backpack weight per student.

Staff, students see increase in resolution follow through

Emery Bigler, Writer February 10, 2021

On average, 50% of American adults make some sort of New Year’s resolution. Whether it’s going to the gym more regularly, wasting less time scrolling through social media, or something more personal,...

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