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Tiktok: Where people go viral

Sammi Cousland, Writer January 25, 2021

Tiktok, home of “The Renegade,” is now said to be one of teenager’s favorite apps, surpassing even Instagram. From dances to challenges, the app is filled with people simply trying to go viral. One...

The silver lining of pandemic living

Emery Bigler, Writer January 25, 2021

In a year marred by major fires, locust swarms, and of course, a global pandemic, good news has been hard to come by. It seems like everywhere you look, something is going wrong. And although not everyone...

A showcase of PHS fall sports

Zach Bellin, AV Producer January 21, 2021

PHS seniors answer 3rd grade questions

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor January 21, 2021

A Thanksgiving to remember

November 30, 2020

PHS students share some memorable moments from past Thanksgivings. "A memorable Thanksgiving for me happened two years ago. I spent it with my mom's side of the family at my grandparents' house in Fond...

When going to any Marcus Theater, the company requests that guests and employees alike follow their S.T.A.R guidelines as posted on this door at the Majestic of Brookfield Wisconsin.

Covid causes major changes for student part-time work

Mia Bolyard, Website Editor November 19, 2020

Back in March, at the start of the statewide quarantine, employed students had a major change in their work lives. These changes ranged from an increased need of workers due to high demand and limited...

Achieving mental wellness during quarantine

Tips for staying healthy
KYLEE KANE, Writer May 7, 2020

People all over the world have been quarantined in their house for months with no outside contact, no handshakes with strangers and no hugs from distant loved ones which means it’s easy to fall into...

PHS Drills and Practices

Abbie Thomas, Designer January 8, 2020

In order to keep our school a safe and fun place to learn, there are many drills that we practice to ensure that all students at Pewaukee High School are safe. The drills are practiced every once in a...

Winter Car Tips

Follows these simple suggestions and improve your winter driving experience.
Tea Goodmanson January 8, 2020

Emergency Kit: Being stranded in the snow may seem like an unlikely situation, however, it’s best to be prepared for anything. Packing an Emergency Kit is an easy way to be prepared. “I feel some people...

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