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Gabriela Apold
I am a senior, I am involved in the Choral program and the Drama Club. I am in Treble, Varsity and Madrigal Choir this year, as well as, super excited to be apart of Catch Me If You Can this spring. I moved to Pewaukee, Wisconsin in going into 7th grade, and I have always taken an interest in choir and English classes. This year I am taking, 3 English classes to further my writing skills and expose myself to new books and styles of writing. I work at Olive Garden, I enjoy eating there more than working for sure. I absolutely have a passion for makeup and skincare, that is my plan for the future as well. I used to be super athletic but I still like to watch soccer games in person or on TV. As I said before I really hope to attend WCTC or the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee and be a cosmetologist and esthetician. I also hope to have a lot of dogs and more Netflix shows to watch.

Gabriela Apold, Writer

Jan 08, 2020
ALICE Training (Story)
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Gabriela Apold